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The New Daily

Nathan Burke: Say ‘never again’ to booing a champion

— Nathan Burke
Whatever your thoughts on the issue I hope we all agree that we should have been and done better. And while we can’t change the past, we can certainly learn from it. No player should ever again be subjected to what Goodes went through.
Nathan Burke is a former St Kilda captain who played 323 AFL games for the Saints, winning three Trevor Barker Awards as best-and-fairest player.
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Sydney Morning Herald

Opinion – Trump’s racist tweets have parallels to the abuse of Adam Goodes Racism not as simple as colour

— Waleed Aly
I think it’s worth analysing this latest instance of presidential racism because there’s a revealing logic to it that’s important to grasp, here as much as elsewhere. In a strange way, it reminds me of the Adam Goodes saga, which I’ve been thinking about a lot this week with the airing of The Final Quarter documentary on network television.
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Anger, shame, tears: Your reactions to the Adam Goodes doco ‘The Final Quarter’

— Your Say
ON THURSDAY night The Final Quarter aired on Channel 10 in Australia, chronicling the tumultuous end to Adam Goodes' AFL career. We invited you to share your reactions to the documentary. Here are a selection of your responses.
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Three Pieces Of Fake News The Adam Goodes Booers Believed

— Ant Sharwood
'The Final Quarter' makes it clear that the majority of booing was racially motivated. However, most booers always denied that, and still do. These are the three main falsehoods they believed in order to justify why they booed.
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Independent Australia

The film, The Final Quarter, needs to be seen by all Australians in order to appreciate that Adam Goodes has been wronged by this nation.

— Noely Neate
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ABC News

Adam Goodes ‘cut down’ by racist booing because he was powerful, says commentator Charlie King

— Kate Ashton
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The Final Quarter: A timely reminder of Adam Goodes’ integrity and tenacity

— Joe Frost
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“Hard to watch” and “an important wake up call for the country”: the Adam Goodes documentary ‘The Final Quarter’ causes a wave of reflection.

— Jennifer Scherer
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Adam Goodes documentary sparks national conversation about race in Australia

— Ben Graham
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The Sydney Morning Herald

‘Heartbreaking’: Eddie McGuire responds to Adam Goodes doco

— Broede Carmody
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The Sydney Morning Herald

Was booing Goodes racist? By asking this question, Australia reaches a higher mark

— Brandon Jack
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The Sydney Morning Herald

Trust me: Jones must go from SCG after Goodes saga

— Peter FitzSimons The Fitz Files
Did I tell yers, or did I tell yers? I TOLD yers The Final Quarter, the film about Adam Goodes screened on Channel Ten on Thursday night, was as strong a documentary as you’ll ever see. Deeply confronting, the reaction of most people was: how the hell was this outrage happening, week on week for 17 weeks, Goodes being essentially booed out of the game for standing up to racism, and it NOT being front and centre of the national conversation?
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Herald Sun

The documentary everybody is talking about — and what else to watch this weekend

— Leigh Paatsch
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The Age

AFL greats wish they did more for taunted Swan Adam Goodes

— Rachel Eddie
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Let’s Talk About Racism

— Wendy Williams
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